The Relationship Tune-Up
You wouldn't operate your car without scheduled maintenance would you? Then don't let your relationship run without a periodic tune-up either! The Relationship Tune-Up will help you learn new ways to keep your loving relationship running smoothly as you travel the sometimes "bumpy road of life" together.

The Relationship Tune-Up is a fun and highly effective 2-hour mini-workshop for an individual, a couple, or a group. It can be confidentially facilitated at your home or at a mutually agreed upon location. While there are no guarantees that any relationship will stay together over the long run, you will discover how positive energy balance can increase the odds that your relationship will remain happily together, perhaps even for a lifetime.

All ages are welcome - from teens to seniors. Attend by yourself or with your partner. Either way you will discover how the positive energy of lasting happiness currently fits together in your relationship and what you can do to make it fit together even better - if you choose to do so.

                                 $20 Per Person

To participate in this mini-workshop individually, as a couple, or in a group, please call Advanced Awareness at 949-235-6157 or click on the button below. Group discounts are available. 

Advanced Awareness 5-minute video

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