Message From The President

Dr. Veeder South

I started Advanced Awareness in 2006 in Laguna Beach. I had developed an interest in how important our personality is in leading people to do whatever it is they do in their everyday lives. This has been a focus of study in human nature for thousands of years. The theory of personality incorporates four different personality components called temperaments that are comprised of a dominant temperament, a secondary temperament, a tertiary temperament, and a least-developed fourth temperament. We all have developed mental energy in our four personality temperaments, we just have the in different proportions. In short, the mental energy in our four personality temperaments greatly influence our actions that contribute to our happiness – or not.

My educational background is in engineering physics. My major area of study was energy and kinetics. I completed a BS and MS in Engineering Physics from Oregon State University in 1968 and a PhD from the School of Engineering at UCLA in 1972. I then taught several energy-related courses at California State University, Northridge for six years. In the following years I have started several engineering-oriented companies.

When I started Advanced Awareness, a new area of science was evolving from the University of Pennsylvania called “The Science of Happiness”. I realized that my interest in personality, along with my background in energy, fit very well into the scientific study of “what makes happy people happy.” I began to develop happiness workshops that combined personality temperament theory, the physics of energy, and “The Science of Happiness.” I wrote a book in 2007 called “The Path of Advanced Awareness to Conscious Relationships.” It won a gold medal award in publishing excellence from “” in the self-help category. I have also written several happiness Guidebooks that lead participants through the workshops offered on this website.

It is my hope that Advanced Awareness workshops will help people, wherever they may be, learn a new way to improve lasting happiness in their lives. It only takes a few hours to complete an online workshop, but the message can last a lifetime.

May your path of Advanced Awareness be filled with the positive energy of love.

Dr. Veeder South, PhD
Laguna Beach, California
President and Founder of Advanced Awareness