Dr. South earned his PhD in Engineering at UCLA in 1972. He was a tenured professor at CSUN where he was twice selected as outstanding Engineering professor of the year. Dr. South has started several successful businesses prior to starting Advanced Awareness and has over 15 years of experience with clients. He has authored two books on creating lasting happiness in life.

Dr. South and other qualified professionals are available to lead guided and semi-guided workshops. He is available to answer questions from participants on his blog.

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Dr. Veeder South

I have just added a new online workshop. It is the best way to learn how to harness positive energy in your life that leads to lasting happiness. I hope that you will enjoy this fun and enlightening new path to a happier life. Please let me know if you have any questions. – Veeder
Working on improving your own happiness is serious business. Opening your mind to new ideas takes commitment. And once your mind is on board, your actions must be consistent with your thoughts. If you are working on changing some unconscious negative energy behavior, such as impatience for example, it can take several months (and even years) of consistently working on it to make patience a natural part of your everyday behavior. Having the discipline to change your personality to make your life better is hard – but the reward is worth it. A few months of commitment and positive actions can result in a lifetime of self-satisfaction.  Try it. You will be happy you did!
I am back to work after dealing with a health issue that I am done with (not the virus). The first thing I am doing is adapting some of the Advanced Awareness workshops to be taken online. This is in keeping with the idea that during this virus pandemic, gatherings of people in a workshop are not a good idea right now. These new online interactive workshops will now be able to be taken online at any time, at any pace, and at a very affordable price. The first online happiness workshop is: “The Path of Advanced Awareness to Lasting Happiness.” It is focused on helping anyone, from adolescents to seniors, learn a new method of improving lasting happiness within yourself. Soon to come will be “Loving Couple’s Path to Lasting Happiness” in which any loving couple will learn a new path to lasting happiness in their loving relationship. I am excited about these new online happiness products from Advanced Awareness. I hope you will be too.
Incorporating the positive energy of love more and more into your life leads to greater happiness. You can access the positive energy of love at any time by rising above your ego-based fears into what I call your “spiritual temperament” of Higher Consciousness.  This “spiritual temperament” contains an infinite supply of positive energy with the ability to diminish (and eventually eliminate) the negative energy of fear and unhappiness from your life. For example, if you are attacked or criticized by someone in the (negative energy) heat of an argument, you always have the option of rising above your ego into Higher Consciousness to bring the positive energy of love into the situation.  This is the true power of love.
Becoming aware of your own personality (the way you prefer to think) is very useful in better understanding yourself. It provides a roadmap to some of your thinking preferences that may be out-of-balance. Out-of-balance thinking can lead to poor decisions that lead down an unhealthy path of unhappiness. Your personality affects just about everything you do including: your health, your habits, your self-confidence, your work, your politics, your education, and your important relationships (with family, friends, co-workers, teammates, significant others, husband, wife, etc.). Anyone, from adolescents to seniors, can learn to improve their ability to make healthier decisions  in life that puts them on a path to greater happiness. This is the path of Advanced Awareness.
The “Habit of Happiness” comes naturally for some people. Their brains have unconsciously incorporated the “Habit of Happiness” into their life due to the genetic makeup of their brains and their early family experiences. Unfortunately, others have unconsciously developed the ‘Habit of Unhappiness” (for the same reasons). Most of us live somewhere in between. Most of us would very much like to eliminate the “Habit of Unhappiness” from our life (or at least significantly reduce it) and replace it with “The Habit of Happiness”. This is what the Path of Advanced Awareness is all about. It is about implementing the positive energy of love and lasting happiness to dilute and eventually eliminate the negative energy of fear and unhappiness. It is about creating and maintaining “The Habit of Happiness” more and more in your everyday life.
Advanced Awareness is about helping people become happier in their lives. Our personality is an important element in this process. It turns out, as a result of centuries of observation and research, that our brains organize into four basic preferences for thinking. These four basic “thinking preferences” have had several different labels over the years dating back to the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates in 460 BC.  Carl Jung, a famous Swiss psychologist of the early 20th century, labeled them as: THINKER, SENSOR, INTUITOR and FEELER. These are the labels used by Advanced Awareness.   We all have these “thinking preferences”, we just have them in different proportions. Most of us exhibit a dominant personality temperament that represents our most comfortable way of thinking. We also exhibit a least-dominant personality temperament that is our least-comfortable way of thinking. The other two thinking preferences lie somewhere in between. The degree of comfort in each of our four personality temperaments can be ranked from most-like-you (dominant temperament) to least-like-you (least-dominant temperament). Your personality temperament rankings have a lot to do with individual happiness.  Carl Jung believed that improving balance in our four personality temperaments leads to greater happiness in life. This is a major topic in all of the Advanced Awareness workshops.
Greetings. Welcome to the new Advanced Awareness website. This is the beginning of several messages I intend to post on this blog along with replies to your comments, questions or concerns. Please feel free to send your comments, questions or concerns to me via text, email, or the “Contact Us” page of this website. I look forward to hearing from you. May your Path of Advanced Awareness be filled with the positive energy of love. Veeder