Developing Productive Relationships in Your Work Group

 This guided relationship workshop from Advanced Awareness will help members of any work group learn a new way to increase teamwork and productivity by improving their working relationships with each other. The workshop is designed to be facilitated by a qualified guide that will lead work group members through the two Sessions of the Guidebook. In Session 1, group members work separately through the “Individual’s Guide to Lasting Happiness” as they focus on improving happiness within them self. In Session 2, group members work through the “Your Guide to Developing Productive Relationships in Your Work Group” as they learn how the energy of their personalities fits together. In the process, work group members discover what they can do to build greater teamwork within the group that leads to increased productivity. The standard number of workshop participants accommodated by this Guidebook is limited to 20. However, larger groups can be accommodated upon request. 

This “Developing Productive Relationships in Your Work Group” guided relationship workshop is intended for: 

  1. any work group interested in creating a happier and more satisfying workplace; 
  2. a manager or supervisor looking to improve working relationships in his or her work group that leads to greater teamwork and increased productivity; 
  3. any work group seeking a new way to help individual members work more effectively together. 

Participants learn how to harness positive energy within them self and in their work group relationships as they follow the path of Advanced Awareness to a happier and more productive work experience.