Offline Self-Guided Relationship Guidebook

Finding the Right Romantic Partner for You – A Self-Guided Offline Relationship Workshop

 This self-guided offline workshop from Advanced Awareness will help any person learn how to discover if your romantic relationship (or a future romantic relationship) is right for you. The workshop includes three self-guided Sessions that lead the way to creating a loving relationship with your romantic partner that could last a lifetime – or not. 

Session 1 – Your Individual Happiness Review 

Session 2 – Finding the Right Romantic Partner for You 

Session 3 – Romantic Couple’s Path to Lasting Happiness 

In Session 1 you will quickly review what you learned in “Your Path of Advanced Awareness to Individual Happiness” workshop. In Session 2 you will explore personality and spiritual compatibility between you that are the keys to creating a happy relationship. In Session 3 you will learn the 5 stages that every romantic relationship must pass through (or not) on their way to experiencing the bliss of a happy, loving, and lasting relationship. 

You can work through this hardcopy version of the Guidebook in 1-2 hours in the privacy of your own home. 

Participants are encouraged to send any questions or comments to Dr. Veeder South, author of this online workshop, via text, email, or through the “Contact Us” page of this website. 

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