Offline Self-Guided Relationship Guidebook

How to Make Your Romantic Relationship Happily Last a Lifetime – Offline Relationship Workshop

 This self-guided offline relationship workshop from Advanced Awareness will help anyone discover what it takes to make your romantic relationship into a happy, loving, and lasting relationship – perhaps even lasting for a lifetime. 

Session 1 – Your Path to Individual Happiness – Review 

Session 2 – Creating the Right Romantic Relationship for You 

Session 3 – The Five Stages of a Romantic Relationship 

Session 1 is a short review of what you learned in the free “Individual Happiness” workshop. In Session 2 you will explore personality and spiritual compatibility between you and your romantic partner, the keys to creating a happy and lasting relationship. In Session 3 you will learn the 5 stages that every romantic relationship must pass through on their way to the bliss of a lasting relationship. 

If Both Romantic Partners Are Participating: You will receive two copies of the offline Guidebook by mail, one for each partner. Partners A and B will then complete their own self-assessments separately in their Guidebooks and then copy individual results into each other’s Guidebook. They will then complete all other inputs together in their own Guidebooks. 

If Only One Romantic Partner is Participating: You will receive one copy of the offline Guidebook by mail. Partner A will complete their own self-assessments and also the self-assessments of their absent romantic partner as they believe they would complete them for themself. Partner A will then complete all other inputs in the Guidebook. 

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