How to Make Your Romantic Relationship Happily Last a Lifetime- Private Zoom Workshop

This private guided relationship workshop is designed to help romantic partners that have been together for up to three years learn what it takes to make their romantic relationship into a happy, loving, and lasting relationship. There are 4 sessions:

Session 1 – Your Path to Individual Happiness
This session includes a) what makes happy people happy, b) the mental energy of your personality, and c) how to utilize positive energy within yourself to create lasting happiness in your life.

Session 2 – Higher Consciousness
Romantic partners learn how to rise above their individual egos into higher consciousness to access an unlimited supply of positive energy – the positive energy of love. Positive energy has the power to eliminate the negative energy of fear and unhappiness – within yourself and in your romantic relationship.

Session 3 – Creating the Right Romantic Relationship for You
Romantic partners learn the importance of personality and spiritual compatibility in creating lasting happiness together. You will learn what makes a romantic relationship last, what causes it to fail, and what each partner can do to make it into a happy and loving relationship – with a good chance of lasting a lifetime.

Session 4 – The Five Stages of a Romantic Relationship
Romantic partners will learn the 5 stages that every romantic relationship must pass through on your way to the stability and bliss of a happy, loving, and lasting relationship.

This 3-hour private Zoom workshop will be scheduled for a convenient day and time and will be led by Dr. South.

Relationship Workshop Price: $125-150