The Path of Advanced Awareness to Conscious Recovery

This semi-guided recovery workshop from Advanced Awareness is designed to help anyone who is seriously seeking to recover personal happiness from the false pleasures of an unhealthy addiction. Under the direction of a qualified guide, individuals work through two sessions of the Guidebook. In Session 1, participants complete the “Individual’s Guide to Lasting Happiness” while In Session 2, they complete the “Rebuilding Lasting Happiness in Your Relationships.” Along the way, they learn a new way to cultivate and recover lasting happiness within themselves and in their important relationships that have been damaged as a result of their addiction. This workshop can also be facilitated for a recovery group by a qualified guide in a classroom setting.

This semi-guided recovery workshop is intended for:

  1. recovery center counselors looking for a simple yet highly effective program to help their clients recover from the extreme unhappiness of addiction.
  2. anyone struggling with the unhappiness of addiction (or its beginnings) to learn a powerful new path to recovery by diluting and eventually eliminating the negative energy of an unhappy addiction with the positive energy of love.

Participants learn to harness the positive energy of love within themselves and in their important relationships as they follow the Path of Advanced Awareness to Conscious Recovery in their life.

For more information, to request a quote, or to learn how to become a qualified professional guide for this workshop, please contact us through the “Contact Us” page of this website.

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Participant Feedback

“A lot of good information. Very eye-opening.”

“I liked finding out about my personality and how I can improve.”

“It was interesting to learn how the brain works and how to balance emotions in recovery.”

“I liked the feeling of being able to help myself become a better person and knowing the steps I can take to accomplish it.”

“I liked that it shows how to even out your conscious energy to become balanced in life, especially addicts who need to dilute certain negative energy behaviors.”

“I liked it because I really got to learn a lot about myself.”

“I think everyone can benefit, not just chemically dependent people.”

“I learned that spiritual recovery comes with emotional and physical recovery. I also learned that balancing spiritual energy (the key to conscious recovery) takes time.”

“I enjoyed the clear and simple explanations and lessons. The self-awareness exercises were revealing.”

“I liked the fact-based information that was well thought out and presented. This is great information for moving forward towards happiness (and away from addiction).”