Advanced Awareness is about helping people become happier in their lives. Our personality is an important element in this process. It turns out, as a result of centuries of observation and research, that our brains organize into four basic preferences for thinking. These four basic “thinking preferences” have had several different labels over the years dating back to the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates in 460 BC.  Carl Jung, a famous Swiss psychologist of the early 20th century, labeled them as: THINKER, SENSOR, INTUITOR and FEELER. These are the labels used by Advanced Awareness.


We all have these “thinking preferences”, we just have them in different proportions. Most of us exhibit a dominant personality temperament that represents our most comfortable way of thinking. We also exhibit a least-dominant personality temperament that is our least-comfortable way of thinking. The other two thinking preferences lie somewhere in between. The degree of comfort in each of our four personality temperaments can be ranked from most-like-you (dominant temperament) to least-like-you (least-dominant temperament). Your personality temperament rankings have a lot to do with individual happiness.  Carl Jung believed that improving balance in our four personality temperaments leads to greater happiness in life. This is a major topic in all of the Advanced Awareness workshops.

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