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The Path of Advanced Awareness is a lifelong process of becoming a happier person. Advanced Awareness teaches a simple but highly effective method of bringing the positive energy of love more and more in your life to create greater happiness – within yourself and in your most important relationships. This is done through a series of guided and semi-guided workshops that will help anyone, from adolescents to seniors, learn a new way to incorporate positive energy in their daily life. In these life-changing workshops, participants work through an easy-to-read Guidebook customized to fit their life situation.

Semi-Guided and Guided Workshops from Advanced Awareness

A semi-guided workshop consists of one or two participants working through the workshop Guidebook on their own and at their own pace under the guidance of a qualified guide. A guided workshop involves a group of participants that work their way through the workshop Guidebook together being led by a qualified guide. Learn more about these life-changing workshops currently available from Advanced Awareness through the links below.

  • Guided Relationship Workshop ·

Developing Productive Relationships in Your Work Group

This guided relationship workshop will help members of any work group learn a new way to increase teamwork and productivity in their workplace. The workshop is facilitated by a qualified guide that leads the group through the two sessions of the Guidebook. Group members discover how to harness positive energy within themselves and in their working relationships that leads to a happier and more productive work experience.
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  • Semi-Guided Recovery Workshop ·

The Path of Advanced Awareness to Conscious Recovery

This semi-guided recovery workshop will help anyone who is seriously seeking recovery from the negative energy of addiction. Participants work through the two sessions of the Guidebook in their own time and at their own pace under the supervision of a qualified guide. They will learn the power of positive energy in recovering lasting happiness within themselves and in their important relationships.
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