I am back to work after dealing with a health issue that I am done with (not the virus). The first thing I am doing is adapting some of the Advanced Awareness workshops to be taken online. This is in keeping with the idea that during this virus pandemic, gatherings of people in a workshop are not a good idea right now. These new online interactive workshops will now be able to be taken online at any time, at any pace, and at a very affordable price. The first online happiness workshop is: “The Path of Advanced Awareness to Lasting Happiness.” It is focused on helping anyone, from adolescents to seniors, learn a new method of improving lasting happiness within yourself. Soon to come will be “Loving Couple’s Path to Lasting Happiness” in which any loving couple will learn a new path to lasting happiness in their loving relationship. I am excited about these new online happiness products from Advanced Awareness. I hope you will be too.

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