The Path of Advanced Awareness to Improving Any Relationship – Guided Zoom Workshop

This “Improving Any Relationship” guided relationship workshop is designed to help any two people in a “difficult” relationship discover a new way to eliminate the negative energy of fear and unhappiness from your relationship. Participants learn how to rise above your individual egos into Higher Consciousness to bring the positive energy of compatibility and lasting happiness into your relationship.

The workshop begins by each person individually working through Sections 1, 2 & 3 of your Guidebooks on your own as you discover a new way to improve lasting happiness within yourselves. You will then work together through Sections 4 & 5 focused on improving your relationship by getting to know each other better and creating the positive energy of happiness and compatibility between you.

This 2-hour relationship workshop is intended for:

  1. Any two people in a ”difficult” relationship in the workplace or on a team that requires you to effectively work together.
  2. Any two people in a family relationship that do not get along well with each other and would like to improve your relationship.
  3. Any two people in a “difficult” relationship that would like to improve your relationship.


This workshop price includes two “Improving Any Relationship” Guidebooks and the Zoom workshop. For more information, contact us through the “Contact Us” page of this website.

Zoom Workshop Price: $125

This 2-hour private Zoom workshop will be scheduled for a convenient day and time and will be led by Dr. South, author of this workshop.