Advanced Awareness Workshops

Each of the Advanced Awareness workshops listed below are focused on improving people’s lives in several different areas of interest. All workshops are based upon the principles and concepts presented in “The Path of Advanced Awareness to Lasting Happiness” self-guided workshops (online and offline).
Please select any workshop listed below that you are interested in.

Self-Guided Workshops

Offline Guided Workshops

Advanced Awareness Workshops

Your Path of Advanced Awareness to Lasting Happiness – Workshop

This self-guided individual happiness workshop presents a simple yet powerful new method of harnessing positive energy to create greater happiness in your life. Participants learn how to eliminate the negative energy of fear and unhappiness with the positive energy of love.

How to Make Your Romantic Relationship Happily Last a Lifetime – Private Workshop

This guided “Romantic Relationship” workshop is designed to help any romantic couple in a relatively new relationship discover a new way to make your romantic relationship into a happy, loving, and lasting relationship. Partners learn how to create greater personality and spiritual compatibility with each other, a major factor in making your relationship into a happy lasting relationship – with a great chance of lasting a lifetime.

Loving Couple’s Path to Lasting Happiness – Private Relationship Workshop

This guided loving couple’s workshop will help any loving couple discover a new way to improve lasting happiness in their relationship. Partners learn what they can do to increase the chances that their relationship will happily last a lifetime. It can be completed by one partner alone or both partners together. 

This guided relationship workshop will help any two people discover a new way to get along better with each other. Whether their relationship is personal or professional, they will learn how to rise above their individual egos into Higher Consciousness to overcome the negative energy of conflict and disagreement whenever it arises between them.

This guided teenager’s workshop is designed to help any teenager discover a new way to create greater happiness within themselves and in their family relationships. The teenager works through the Guidebook under the supervision of a qualified guide. Family members are invited to participate in this workshop as well. 

This guided relationship workshop will help members of any work group learn a new way to increase teamwork and productivity in their workplace. The workshop is facilitated by a qualified guide that leads the group through the two sessions of the Guidebook. Group members discover how to harness positive energy within themselves and in their working relationships that leads to a happier and more productive work experience.